Hayley Group PLC celebrates 40th anniversary

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HALESOWEN, UK - Hayley Group PLC, the UK’s largest independent engineering inventory supplier, announces the 40th anniversary of the company’s founding, and the launch of the new corporate website to support its brand identity in its fifth decade.

The company was established on 6th May 1976 by joint managing directors Lee Willitts and Bernie Noakes who have remained in their functions up to date. The company initially based in Blackheath, West Midlands was operating under the name Hayley Bearings Ltd, and as the name implies, it supplied bearings only. As the company was expanding its product range and services, the name was changed to Hayley Group PLC in 1992.

In 1989, still as Hayley Bearings Ltd, the next branch in South Kirkby, West Yorkshire was opened under the name Hayley Northern. Since established, Hayley Group PLC has achieved four decades of steady growth to become the largest UK’s independent engineering inventory supplier. Today the company prides itself on 40 branches across the UK. Its only branch abroad is located in the Czech Republic and it was established to provide closer support to their clients in Central Europe. As the branches have been growing, so was the number of their employees – since 2008 they more than doubled from 300 to over 600 staff.

Today, Hayley Group PLC is on the doorstep of the fifth decade of its existence as a company recognised across most industries in the UK. In order to enhance its corporate image and provide true representation of their current offerings, the company has just launched their newly developed website that features enhanced usability and responsive design. The website’s easy navigation and enhanced approachability reflect the Hayley Group’s determination to remain responsive to their customers’ demands, and keep providing added value in the following decade.

To see how Hayley Group's been growing, have a look at their Timeline introducing the key Hayley moments throughout the last 40 years!