Hayley Group PLC Announces a New Website

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Hayley Group PLC would like to invite visitors to explore its new website which has been designed to provide improved user experience through enhanced functionality and responsive design.

The new website contains dynamic features contributing to its modern look. The simplified approach with an easy and clear navigation provides enhanced user experience. Responsive design - the main reason for the redevelopment - guarantees smooth interaction between the website and its visitors. From now on, getting in touch is just a click away, whether it is making a phone call, sending an email or requesting a call back.

From the point of view of its content, the website provides a coherent overview of the wide range of products and services offered by Hayley Group PLC. Visitors can contact their selected department easily, which significantly simplifies the communication between the company and its existing or potential customers, as well as suppliers.

The company’s blog called ‘News’ represents the most interactive part of the website, featuring the latest Hayley updates, announcements and industry related articles. Social media fans can easily share Hayley articles on social networks. Hayley Group are currently active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and they invite you to join their online community.

As the company is formed of a chain of 40 branches, the visitors planning to visit their local branch will certainly benefit from the branch locator, carrying details of all branches, including the opening hours. Visitors interested in extra information can read further, download and print a brochure of their interest in ‘Downloads’ section.

Hayley Group PLC team hopes their visitors enjoy the new digital experience. In order to keep improving, they welcome any feedback and comments.