Hayley Group – Backing British Industry Since 1976

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Since opening in the heart of the industrial Black Country in 1976, Hayley Group has worked tirelessly to support British industry. The company has grown an awful lot since its early days, expanding to over 50 sites nationwide, and changing with the needs of our customers. We’re really pleased that we’re able to provide a diverse Stock of leading-brand engineering components and consumables to our customers, however, our mantra also includes Service and People.

It’s through our Services and People, where we have been truly able to support British manufacturing and engineering, even in times of adversity. Thanks to the vast experience and specialist expertise of our staff, we’re able to deliver a range of services and solutions capable of having a positive and long-lasting impact.

It’s always important for businesses to find ways to save money, but it’s even more pertinent in challenging economic times. Whether we’re working to increase reliability, reduce energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, reduce expenditure or maximise the use of resources, we strive to provide both valuable and quantifiable benefits. 

Our field-based experts work with clients on a daily basis to identify areas of their machinery, processes, and procedures that could be improved. This can mean implementing anything from condition-based monitoring systems, stores & inventory management, industrial vending solutions through to energy-efficient technologies. 

By working smarter through our Services and People, we enable our customers across British industry to be leaner, more profitable and sustainable. Maintaining national and global competitiveness is absolutely vital to the success of British industry, and we’re incredibly proud that we’re able to continue to play our part in supporting that. 

For more information on the services that Hayley Group could provide to help your business, simply get in touch with your local branch. To find your nearest branch go online to: www.hayley-group.co.uk